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We are passionate about music here at St George’s, not least because it brings us together at times of celebration, spreading joy through our halls and allowing the children to perform and build confidence. The social, emotional and academic benefits of music are proven. Music is at the very heart of the school and the benefits it brings are cultivated in our musical learning from Nursery all the way up to Form VI.

Your child’s musical journey has been carefully crafted to ensure they get vibrant, exciting and inspirational lessons which provide progressive, enjoyable and accessible learning opportunities throughout their time at St George’s.

In addition to their scheduled music lessons, all children from Forms III – VI attend choir once a week and the school offers peripatetic music lessons on a wide range of instruments during the school day (supplementary fees apply).  Performance opportunities within the School and to a wider audience are rich and varied and inclusive for all, regardless of ability.

We welcome visiting musicians and workshops to the school as much as possible to tie in with what the children are learning and provide additional inspiration.


Our Reception pupils continue to build on the basic skills introduced in Nursery, ensuring that they start more structured learning in Key Stage 1 with a solid foundation, and, more importantly, love and enthusiasm for Music.  They will take primary roles in the Early Year Nativity, building confidence in their performance skills.

Lower Prep

Pupils in Forms I and II continue their inspiring musical start with lessons that involve:

  • Singing, dancing and musical games
  • Developing an internal sense of pulse and rhythm
  • Playing classroom percussion
  • Group music making
  • Nativity preparation and performance!
  • Explore how music can create stories, characters and emotions
  • Learn about dynamics, tonality, basic notation, rhythm, timbres, graphic score and sound effects
  • Singing and writing their own lyrics
  • Introduction to World Music.

Middle Prep

Pupils in Forms III and IV enjoy music lessons that involve:

  • Developing their listening skills
  • Working in groups to create their own soundscape
  • Developing their singing skills
  • Being introduced to the Rock n’ Roll genre, learning how to play pieces with body percussion
  • Watching a musical and undertaking activities related to what they’ve seen
  • World Music, with a focus on Indonesia
  • Creating a puppet show to music
  • Participating in a classroom playalong project
  • Studying Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’
  • Going on a soundwalk in the grounds, drawing graphic scores and exploring musical timbre using instruments and voices
  • Studying Impressionism to tie in with their learning in Art lessons
  • Exploring works by Debussy
  • Preparing to perform in Christmas celebrations
  • Learning about Pop and Jazz
  • Study works by Handel
  • Continue to explore World Music with a focus on music from Africa
  • Study Symphony No. 5 by Beethoven
  • Take part in a classroom Playalong Project.

Upper Prep

Pupils in Forms V and VI enjoy music lessons that involve:

  • Exploring Holst’s ‘The Planets Suite
  • Continue rhythmic ostinato work in small groups
  • Develop singing skills by learning harvest-themed songs
  • Learning about the Blues genre
  • Studying Verdi’s ‘Dies Irae’
  • Preparing for Christmas celebrations and performances
  • Exploring Vivaldi’s ‘Winter’
  • Watching a musical and exploring how to apply the skills demonstrated to the St. George’s School Production
  • Continuing to explore World Music with a focus on South America
  • Participating in a classroom Playalong Project
  • Studying ‘Carmina Burana’ by Carl Orf
  • Studying ‘Connect It’ by Anna Meredith and preparing a class performance
  • Studying Folk Music with a focus on UK, Poland and the Middle East
  • Exploring Pop Music from the 1970s onwards
  • Undertaking a transition project to help prepare pupils for ongoing music learning in secondary school
  • Song writing for their Leavers’ Assembly.