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Enrichment & Wellbeing

The Magic Ingredient

Whenever you talk to current or past pupils and their families about life at St. George’s, people mention how welcoming and familial the School feels. There is something unique about our School community and the way we interact with each other. One of the main ways we foster this atmosphere and emotional connection is with our Enrichment Programmes. 

With a combination of carefully selected, often world-leading curricular programmes, special whole-school initiatives and a full timetable of extracurricular activities, we ensure that our pupils have that ‘magic ingredient’ that inspires them to achieve their potential.

When children are secure and supported, and given effective tools and skills to look after their physical and mental health, they are best able to deal with the challenges, and grasp the opportunities, of life. Our Enrichment Programmes help them to do just that. Secure and happy children become positive, proactive citizens of the world. We want to give our pupils the ability to make a real difference.

Our Enrichment Programmes are an especially important part of life at St. George’s. They are designed to help pupils make positive choices for themselves, and seek to make a positive difference for as many people as possible beyond our School walls.

Enrichment & Wellbeing Activity

Enrichment in the Curriculum

As part of our curriculum, we explore the issues pupils face as part of normal life, including friendship dynamics and social skills, emotional literacy and spiritual development. Our trained teaching team use a number of tried and tested, thought-leading programmes to support these lessons as well as linking to external agencies where appropriate.

Special Initiatives and Whole-School Days

Our celebrated whole-school themed days and special initiatives are the stuff of legend, with every pupil aged 2-11 getting involved and feeling part of the action. From ‘Kindness Day’ where we explore all the ways we can be kind to ourselves and others, to ‘The Great Rewilding’ (1 & 2) when pupils planted more than 1,000 trees and shrubs in public spaces to benefit our climate and fellow islanders, the sky really is the limit (we even hold a 'Reach for the Sky Day!).

Extra-curricular Activities

Our extra-curricular programme is varied and exciting, with something for everyone across the year groups. Our clubs list changes termly and booking is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Wellbeing Team

We have a highly trained Wellbeing Team lead by Deputy Headteacher and Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Lead, Lindsey Fidrmuc. The team members are all trained in the very latest techniques and are on hand to help and support any pupils in need. In the first instance, pupils or parents are encouraged to approach their Form Tutor who can give initial advice and initiate contact with appropriate specialist support as necessary.

Lindsey Fidrmuc

Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Lead

Mrs Fidrmuc has completed a number of wellbeing and mental health training courses including 'Senior mental Health Lead' training, 'Youth Mental Health First Aid' and is our 'Jigsaw' and 'Girls on Board' champion.

Patricia O'Neill

Wellbeing Team Member

Mrs O'Neill is trained in 'Drawing and Talking' technique.

Nicola Sinclair

Wellbeing Team Member

Mrs Sinclair is an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA).

Audrey Watkins

Wellbeing Team Member

Mrs Watkins is a trained Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA).

Charlene Moullin

Wellbeing Team Member

Miss Moullin is a trained Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA).

Emma Hall

Wellbeing Team Member

Mrs Hall is our 'Decider Skills' Lead, covering cognitive behaviour therapy solutions for children.

Ruth McKimmon

Wellbeing Team Member

Mrs McKimmon has completed the Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body (CPCAB) Level 2 Award.

Rachel Stirrup

Wellbeing Team Member

Mrs Stirrup has completed the 'Youth Mental Health First Aid' course.

Andrea Lathwell

Wellbeing Team Member

Mrs Lathwell has completed the 'Supporting Anxious Students' course.

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