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Partnership with Parents

Working in Partnership

We enter into a special ‘Partnership with Parents’ at Little Dragons that aims to form a positive, collaborative relationship with families so that information regarding the children’s activities and progress can be exchanged easily and comfortably by Nursery staff and parents. You can read more about this in our Little Dragons Handbooks

You are welcome and encouraged to discuss any queries you might have with your child's keyworker at drop-off or collection each day. It's important to us to build a trusting relationship with our pupils and families, ensuring that each child has the most positive experience possible with us each day. 


We know that keeping in touch with your child throughout the day, including their achievements and excitement, is crucial for our parents. That’s why we use Tapestry to record their special experiences, and any other pertinent news you need to know. You can access Tapestry at any time. Your child will have their own personal log with pictures and updates. It’s a critical part of the partnership we build with our families throughout the St. George’s experience.