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Our Ethos and Values

St. George’s has a wonderful, nurturing family feel. Our School community is wide and welcoming and the partnership we enjoy with our families means that we know and understand every child in our care. We are a non-selective, co-educational school promoting a rich, varied and broad education that helps every child fulfil their unique potential.

We encourage prospective parents to speak to our current families about their experience of St. George’s. Most of our pupils come to us through word-of-mouth recommendations, and we pride ourselves on embodying our school values day-to-day. Kindness leads the way at our School, and our pupils leave us as compassionate, confident citizens of the world, surrounded by friends, academically and pastorally prepared and ready for their next step.

We are led by our values. The way we interact with each other, the things we teach, and the way we engage with our island community are based on our four, core school values.



With kindness, we all flourish. We are always kind to our friends. Our school community is based on the principle of treating others as we would wish to be treated. We understand that with kindness and support, we can achieve anything.


We work hard to achieve our greatest individual potential. We know that success can look different for each person. With support, we maximise our strengths and face our challenges head-on. We celebrate success in all its forms, we are all capable of great things.


We work hard to develop our capacity to adapt. We may not succeed first time or get the outcome we anticipated, but we understand that the most important thing is to always try our best and never give up.


We are citizens of the world. We have an ability and a responsibility to contribute positively to our school community, our island and the wider world, in whatever way we can.