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Art and DT

Lower Prep Art:

From Reception to Form II, pupils focus on learning and using a range of art techniques and mediums including painting, drawing, printing, clay and sculpture. Their art is always linked to the work they’re doing in topic lessons, which helps to bring what they’re studying to life. Pupils also look at the works of at least one famous or admired artist per term to inspire their own artwork.

As an example, during an ‘Enchanted Woodland’ topic, the children will look at the ‘Circles’ artwork by Kandinsky which inspire their final pieces of woodland artwork. 

Middle and Upper Prep Art:

From Form III upwards, pupils use our dedicated Art Room and DT space. They continue topic-based learning mixed with studying the principles of art. Form III explore tints, shades and colour mixing. They also study prehistoric art and weaving with paper and cloth.

Form IV start to draw and paint still life studies. They also begin to explore the work of famous artists such as Hockney and Breughel. They replicate the famous Willow Pattern, do drawings in charcoal, and continue with textiles in their DT lessons.

Form V look at drawings in architecture through the work of Hundertwasser, and art from WWI. They learn to adapt recipes in the DT kitchen.

In Form VI, pupils continue to be inspired by the work of famous artists of the classic and modern era. They look at graffiti and the work of Banksy, creating their own Tags. They study Picasso’s Guernica and Cezanne’s still life work. In DT, they enjoy a project based on popular TV format, ‘Come Dine with Me’.

Forms III-VI also take part in our annual ‘Festival of Arts’ displaying their pieces alongside the musical and dramatic performances of the evening. We also enter various ad hoc and seasonal activities and competitions.