The School Day

Teachers are in their classrooms ready to welcome children from 8.30am and all pupils should arrive by 8.45am for registration. Children in our Little Dragons Nurseries should arrive by 9.00am for registration. All children may be dropped-off from 8.30am, but parents must not deliver them earlier than this to the classroom as teachers are busy preparing for the day ahead.  Please see information in our St. George's Plus section for details about our wrap-around care option for parents who wish to drop their children to the school earlier or collect later than our standard times.

The school day usually starts with form time or an assembly, and lessons then go on until 10.50am when there is a twenty-minute break. Children take their breaks and play time in the fresh air unless the weather is very wet.

Nursery and KS 1 (Reception, Form I and Form II) have lunch at 12.00pm, followed by a playtime. The afternoon session starts at 1.15pm for these classes and finishes at 3.30pm. They have a short break at 2.55pm. The rest of the School stops for lunch at 1.00pm followed by a playtime. Lessons recommence at 2.00pm and the school day finishes at 4.00pm.

There is a late room for younger children (Reception – Form II) who have siblings in other classes, where they are looked after until 4.00pm. Pupils in Forms II and above have optional after-school clubs which finish at 5.00 pm or 5.15 pm for sports clubs. Occasionally we may offer clubs to pupils in Form I.