Nursery Curriculum

Early Years and Foundation Stage Curriculum

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum 'Development Matters' which develops skills, knowledge and attitudes in seven learning areas: Communication and Language, Physical Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World, and Expressive Arts and Design.  Much emphasis is placed on Personal, Social and Emotional Development, particularly in the first term. Developing independence and being able to listen and contribute as part of a group is also one of the most important skills to acquire at this stage.

Children learn through directed and well-planned play activities in a relaxed, child friendly environment where the well-being of each child is of paramount importance.  Outside learning is part of their day and you will find children dressed for all weather extending their learning in our wonderful, safe and exciting Walled Garden. St George’s Prep is a registered Forest School and our youngest children benefit from our extensive grounds and woodlands at least twice a week for specific activities using their natural environment.

Each half term has a theme (which provides a focus for the children’s learning) and activities with clear learning objectives. A lot of these planned activities are practical and self-initiated in nature as this is how young children learn most effectively. There are also opportunities for the children to participate in free flow learning, whereby their developmental milestones are recorded.

Each day the children will experience being taught as part of a whole class group, a small group and in a one- to- one capacity. It is important that they thoroughly enjoy their time in these two foundation years, and leave with an enthusiastic attitude to learning, along with the relevant skills and knowledge.

We track our children using an Online Learning Journal called Tapestry. We use this to monitor progress and will share some of their learning moments with you.