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Congratulations to our first cohort of Science Ambassadors


Congratulations to our first cohort of Science Ambassadors Image

We're incredibly proud to present our first cohort of St. George's Science Ambassadors!

When Mrs Lathwell launched this initiative inviting pupils to apply for one of 12 newly created Science Ambassador roles, we couldn't have anticipated the amazing response we'd get from across the school. We had no fewer than 55 beautifully written letters of application making the selection process very difficult indeed. 

Mrs Lathwell ultimately selected two Science Ambassadors from each year group from Years I to VI.  The roles include a number of special duties designed to enhance our Science offering and to help pupils to feel integral to the development of our Science focus and future special events. Duties include:

  • Keeping a journal to record the Science activities they have completed in an out of school
  • Helping with the organisation of Science resources
  • Assisting teachers in setting up classrooms for Science lessons
  • Meeting with Mrs Lathwell and providing feedback on science lessons 
  • Being part of the organising committee for a very special forthcoming Science Day at St. George's 

Pictured above are the Ambassadors for this academic year:

Year 1  Esme and Theadora

Year 2  Noah and Maya

Year 3  Priyanka and Alexander

Year 4  Izzy and Patrick

Year 5  Lucy and Frankie

Year 6  Christian and Auden

The Ambassadors were presented with their badges in assembly by Mr Timothy and Mrs Lathwell.  Congratulations to all!