Scholarships, Bursaries & Fees

Scholarship & Bursaries

The School has a very limited number of bursaries to enable pupils in primary education to continue at St George's who would otherwise be unable to do so for financial reasons. The amount of assistance varies and requires the support of the Headmaster and whilst each bursary supports the child for the remainder of their time at St George’s it is subject to an annual review to ensure it is still appropriate.  Applications should be in writing and addressed to the Clerk to the Trustees of the Jersey Educational Trust 2015.

The School also has a limited number of scholarships to encourage children from all backgrounds to apply for, and benefit from, a St George’s education. Each scholarship is offered at the discretion of the Headmaster following a formal assessment and is offered to a child who excels in one or more areas or who would add to the quality of life at St George’s. 

Further information can be obtained from our Bursar on  

School Fees

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