External Bursaries

The St. George's Preparatory School Bursary, supported by the Jersey Educational Trust 2015 (JET2015)

From 2022, JET2015 is proud to launch The St. George’s Preparatory School Bursary. This means-tested award will cover up to 100% of core school fees for a pupil entering St. George’s in year IV from an external school. 

The Bursary has been created to offer access to the exceptional educational, pastoral and environmental opportunities offered here at St. George’s to pupils who would otherwise be unable to attend. One of the School’s key aims is to support every pupil in our care to achieve their greatest potential. We welcome applications supporting children with an equal commitment to achieving their very best.

Applicants (Parents or Guardians) will be required to:

  • Complete a Bursary Application Form supported by financial evidence for means testing consideration
  • Provide copies of the pupil’s current school reports

Prospective pupils will be required to:

  • Complete an academic ability assessment in Maths and English
  • Attend a formal interview with member of the Senior Teaching Team

We are an inclusive school committed to providing equal opportunities for all abilities and invite applications on this basis.

Bursaries are awarded at the ultimate discretion of the Trustees, and it is intended that it will continue for the duration of the pupil’s education at St. George’s subject to:

  • Funding being available to the Trustees
  • Any subsequent changes to the applicant’s (Parents or Guardians) personal financial circumstances
  • All specified terms or conditions relating to the Bursary award not being consistently met by either the pupil, or the applicant (parents or guardians)
  • Additional criteria listed in the Bursary Terms and Conditions Document.

Bursary arrangements are strictly confidential, and no details will be shared by the applicant or the school to protect the privacy of the recipient.

The key objective of The St. George’s Preparatory School Bursary is to offer committed pupils the support, guidance, challenge, belief and vision to make the most of every opportunity to fulfil their potential. Alongside every pupil attending our very special school, Bursary recipients will be expected to act as ambassadors for our School and our School Values of Kindness, Resilience, Achievement and Responsibility, both inside and far beyond our school walls.


How to Apply

Initially, applicants are required to submit a completed Application Form, a Financial Information Form and provide copies of the pupil's current school reports. Information and Application Forms can be downloaded from the links below:

Please ensure that forms and supplementary information are returned for the attention of our Bursar either by email or post (marked private and confidential).

Email: bursar@stgeorgesprep.co.uk

Postal Address: FAO: The Bursar, Jersey Educational Trust 2015, La Hague Manor, Rue de la Hague, St Peter, JE3 7DB

Applications for Bursaries beginning in September 2022 have now closed.

Candidates wishing to apply for a Bursary to enter Form IV in September 2023 should check back here in early Spring Term 2023. 



The Jersey Educational Trust 2015

Jersey Educational Trust 2015 (JET2015) is the charitable body set up to support educational services in Jersey through its ownership of St. George’s Preparatory School. JET2015 ensures that 100% of any profits generated by the school are reinvested for the benefit of our pupils and the wider school community.


Internal Bursaries

We offer a limited number of Bursaries to enable pupils already attending St George's to continue their education here who would otherwise be unable to do so for financial reasons.

The amount of assistance varies and requires the support of the Headmaster, Directors and Trustees.  Whilst each Bursary supports the child for the remainder of their time at St George’s, it is subject to an annual review.  Applications should be in writing and addressed to the Bursar here at St. George's.

Further information on Scholarships or Bursaries can be obtained by contacting our Bursar on bursar@stgeorgesprep.co.uk




School Fees

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