About Us

Values and Ethos

St George's Preparatory School is a fee paying school in Jersey, and is located in the Parish of St Peter.  The School is wholly owned by The Jersey Educational Trust 2015, a charitable Trust established in Jersey.

St George's is an academic co-educational preparatory school where we aim to give pupils the best possible start to school life.  We strive for excellence in all that we do and offer our pupils a rich and diverse curriculum that encompasses every aspect of their development - from their creative and physical prowess to their social, cultural, spiritual and moral well being. 

Each child receives a very well structured syllabus from experienced teachers, many specialists in their field.  Pupils work in small groups, often with children of similar ability, and aim for targets that are unique to them.  They are encouraged and praised whilst being supported and challenged to maximise their potential.

The individual attention and variety of teaching methods ensure that children make the maximum progress and enjoy the best possible preparatory education.

As an independent school we make use of the best practices from the private and public sectors - cherry picking modern initiatives and innovations whilst maintaining traditional learning styles that have been tried, tested and proven over the fullness of time.

Our Mission

To our pupils to provide each of you with the best possible education in a happy and caring environment. To recognise individual potential and to nurture confidence in your specific abilities. To promote independence of thought and to ensure every facet of your development is encouraged - from the academic, social and cultural to the physical, emotional, spiritual and moral. To motivate and enthuse you to aim high, whilst setting targets consonant with your individual abilities.

To the parents and guardians of our pupils to develop and maintain a close partnership with you for the benefit of your child and to encourage open and wide-ranging communication. To provide guidance and leadership, and to encourage the highest standards of personal conduct, tolerance, individual responsibility and self-discipline.

To our staff to provide an environment in which you can develop your skills and where you can best achieve the School's objectives.

To the community to establish good links with the local community and to keep abreast of contemporary events, whether local, national or international, and to broaden our pupils' horizons beyond the confines of the School environment.

To the School to pursue excellence in every aspect of the School, to uphold its traditional values whilst ensuring that St George's is at the forefront of educational and curricular developments.
To maintain and strengthen its appeal to a wide range of parents and pupils, and to ensure that it has the resources and facilities to match its ambitions