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WWI Centenary Commemoration


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On Monday 12th November, we brought together all the work we've been doing around the WWI Centenary into a day of commemoration.  The day began with an assembly to talk about the conflict and the lives lost.  Pupils and staff dressed in wartime clothes, and we heard poignant poems written and read aloud by our Form VI pupils. The whole school then 'planted' the poppies they made last week in our grounds. Our nursery children sowed real poppy seeds near the school gate to act as an annual reminder. The rest of the day was themed, including beef and dumpling stew for lunch, wartime playground games and a reenactment of the famous football match held in no man's land on Christmas Day 1914. It was a very considered and respectful day that involved the whole school. Thank you to our pupils, teachers and parents who put in special effort to bring the commemoration to life and to ensure we keep alive the memory of those we have lost.