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Another successful Swimarathon was completed on Sunday 12th March by 50 young swimmers from St. George’s, with a few adults thrown in too! Once again we filled all eight lanes of the Les Quennevais pool. In total the school managed to complete 437 laps (one lap equating to two lengths). After 55 minutes of strenuous swimming ‘The Moore’s Mermaids’ team, consisting of both parents and staff managed to top the scoreboard with 71 laps, not quite reaching the school record of 74, but nevertheless demonstrating some fabulous swimming by the oldies.

In Lane 1, the Year IV boys’ team, ‘The Gunners’ managed a speedy 49 laps, ably led by captain Mr. Moss.

In Lane 2, the Year IV girls’ team, ‘The Crazy Catfish,’ completed plenty of lengths in the water whilst managing to dance away the 55 minutes on poolside. They managed to keep up with the Year IV boys and equaled them with 49 laps, whilst Mrs. Spary did a good job keeping them motivated and hydrated.

In Lane 3, the Year V boys’ team, ‘The Water Bugs,’ worked hard in the pool to tally up a fantastic score of 55 laps, with Mr. Ruff keeping them focused as well as fed and watered!

Lane 4 was made up of Year V girls, ‘The Speedy Orcas,’ led by very organized captain, Mrs. Maltz. The girls started well, sprinting out their early lengths and completed a very respectable 47 laps.

In Lane 5, ‘Moore’s Mermaids,’ made up of three parents, one ex-pupil, Sebastian Lilley and four staff, cruised along, managing to score 71, in between lots of puffing and panting!

Lane 6, ‘The Blue Dolphins,’ comprised of a mixture of Year V and VI girls. They danced their way through the 55-minute session, even finding time to go up to the DJ to ask for special song requests. They tallied up 52 well deserved Dolphin laps. Captain Mrs. Clyde-Smith encouraged them along all the way!

In Lane 7, the Year VI mixed team, ‘The Prowling Piranhas,’ ably led by Mr. Freeman worked hard to keep ahead of the ‘Blue Dolphins,’ for the duration and managed to finish 2 laps ahead with a respectable score of 54.

Lastly, well done to Lane 8, ‘Annie’s Alligators,’ led by a very competitive Mrs. Le Quesne. Their seven swimmers sprinted their way to a great Year VI victory completing 59 laps, only 2 laps behind the record holders from 2011/2012. The stuffed Alligator played his part too!

The atmosphere was brilliant and all the children clearly loved the event. It was wonderful to be able to fill the whole pool with our great swimmers.

Our final total was £1174.00.

Lane 1                         The Gunners                                                    49

Lane 2                         The Crazy Catfish                                           49

Lane 3                         The Water Bugs                                              55

Lane 4                         The Speedy Orcas                                           47       

Lane 5                         Moore’s Mermaids (parents/staff)                     71

Lane 6                         The Blue Dolphins                                           52                   

Lane 7                         The Prowling Piranhas                                     54

Lane 8                         Annie’s Alligators                                            60


Total St. George’s Laps                                                                      437 laps