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St. George's School Values


St. George's School Values Image

This new school year sees the official launch of our four School Values; Kindness, Resilience, Achievement and Responsibility. Following a great deal of work with staff and pupils alike on the St. George's ethos and what makes us the very special and unique school that we are, we arrived at these four values as the perfect consolidation of the spirit of St. George's and everything we hold dear.

In the picture above, you'll see more detail on how we define these values in the context of our school, what they mean for us and how we embody them at St. George's in our actions, behaviour and attitude.

When you (are able to) enter the school, our values are now front and centre in our very special, completely revamped entrance hall. We'll be focusing on these qualities throughout the school year with special events, days and lessons, and we'll recognise where our pupils embody the values with their actions both in and out of school. As with everything we do, we like to involve the whole school community which is our great strength, and we'll be talking to our parents as well as the children about our values throughout this year and beyond.