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St. George's Pupils ROAR to National Victory with World Changing Ideas


St. George's Pupils ROAR to National Victory with World Changing Ideas Image

St George’s pupils Mark and Renzo (Form VI) have been crowned national area champions in the recent finals of the ‘Lions Roar Competition’, a prestigious challenge open to all primary schools in the British Isles. The competition is organised by award-winning education company 8billionideas and funded by renowned volunteer organisation The Lions Club. The challenge tasks small teams of primary school pupils (between the ages of 7-11) to develop original and effective World Changing Ideas and pitch them to a panel of expert judges for consideration. The entries must explain the concept and include a model, posters and a jingle. A number of St George’s Form VI pupils entered with brilliant ideas including an above-ground ‘Sky Train’ for children to commute to school without using road vehicles and ‘Walkathon Vouchers’ which would entitle the bearers to voucher rewards for walking instead of using cars to complete their journeys.

Mark and Renzo’s overall winning idea was for a Reusable Vaccine Vial. Prompted by the incredible amount of climate-impacting plastic waste being generated by the pandemic, the boys proposed the development of reusable equipment for safe use in mass vaccinations. Having won their school final judged by Headteacher Cormac Timothy and Jersey Lion President William Harris, the team recorded their pitch on video for entry in the online National Final. They were delighted to be crowned overall area winners, winning a three-month subscription to fantastic future-focused education platform ‘8billlionideas’. The pupils are delighted, and everyone who took part has been inspired to think big, believing that if they work hard, they could become world changing entrepreneurs of the future!

St. George’s Headteacher Cormac Timothy has this to say: “The entries to this competition were exceptional. I was incredibly proud of my pupils, who not only developed original ideas that could change the world but also had the confidence to present them to an audience, fine-tuning presentation skills they’ll use forever. One of our core ambitions here at St George’s is to encourage our pupils to see themselves as Citizens of the World, with an ability and a responsibility to effect positive change far beyond our school walls. I was heartened and encouraged to see how determined the children were to find solutions to real-world problems that affect us all. As always, they continue to both inspire me and fill me with great hope for the future.’

Fellow judge and Lion President William Harris said ‘This was the first time the pupils at St George’s took part in ‘Lions Roar’ and they were extremely impressive. Every idea had the potential to change lives, and this is exactly why we support the competition. These children are the Lions of the future. When you encourage them to believe in their abilities and potential you really see them flourish. The Lions Club motto is ‘We Serve’ and I can’t think of a better way of doing that than encouraging the world changers of tomorrow.’

Picture: Front row: Mark (Left) and Renzo (Right) being presented with their Winners Certificate by (back row left to right) St. George’s Deputy Headteacher Lindsey Fidrmuc, St. George’s Headteacher Cormac Timothy, Lions Club mascot Melvin the Lion and Lion President William Harris.