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St. George's Plus Launches


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In response to requests from many of our parents/guardians, St. George's are delighted to now offer wrap-around care for our pupils, which we call 'St. George's Plus'. We appreciate that our parents have busy mornings- rushing to work or appointments, multiple drop-offs and the rush hour to contend with. To help alleviate some of that pressure, we offer the option for our pupils to join us for breakfast club from 7:30am until school begins and/or after-school club which runs from school closing until 6:00pm. The clubs have a relaxed atmosphere. We serve breakfast or afternoon high-tea, read books, do puzzles and generally start or conclude the day in a calm and positive way. Just the sort of care you'd expect from St. George's. To request more information or to make a booking, parents are invited to contact the school office: