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Sports Extravaganza


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Last week was a very busy week for the sports department and the children in Forms V and VI. There were netball matches, girls and boys football festivals and league matches and the week ended with a fantastic afternoon of sport on the Friday afternoon. There were approximately 100 children involved in sports matches at St George’s between 2pm and 4pm. 30 of our girls were involved in netball matches against Guildford High School from Surrey, who brought four netball teams to Jersey. Another 40 children from year 4, 5 and 6 played an internal football competition on the sports field. There were 6 teams made up of 6/7 players per team. Each team played each other and all children improved their skills and positional awareness.


St. George's vs. Guildford High School 

St. George’s hosted visitors Guildford High School last Friday 18th October.  With the opposition providing 4 teams, it gave many of our girls their first chance to play in a proper netball game. 

There was lots of excitement in the air with the D teams playing first in the sports hall and all other players supporting from behind the benches, soaking up the atmosphere.  Three B team players boosted the D team, with Amelia working tirelessly as centre, feeding the ball into shooters Izzy and Hannah.  In defence Mia quickly learned that she needed to mark her GS closely and managed to gain some important interceptions.  The team linked well and displayed confident shooting; the final result was 14-4 to St. George’s and player of the match was Amelia.

The next games, B and C teams, were played simultaneously using the indoor and outdoor courts.  The B’s had the more challenging conditions, playing in the wind outside.  Both matches were closely fought.  In the B match Amy worked very hard in defence as GK, keeping tight to her player, denying Guildford possession.  Amelia played GA and worked well with Hannah, but was unlucky in the final seconds when she put up a shot in the strong wind, which could have equalised the game.  Final score was 4-3 to Guildford and players of the match were Amelia and Amy. 

The C game indoors, went end to end, and it was not until the second 10 minute period that St. George’s found the net with Form IV's Autumn scoring.  Grace at GK improved tremendously during the match, taking rebounds and interceptions to get turn over ball.  Form IV player, Iris moved well in the D, linking beautifully with Autumn and finding space to shoot.  The final score was 6-6, as Guildford equalised in the last seconds; a fair result for an excellent game from both teams.  Player of the match was Autumn.

Finally the A team played with everyone else watching.  The team were very focused from the start with strong and accurate passes and tight defence.  They dominated the game from start to finish.  India and Frankie commanded their circle and shot with great accuracy.  The final score was 16-1 to St. George’s and players of the match were India and Fatima.


Bel Royal A Team 2 - 3 St. George's Prep A Team

The A team played some excellent football at times and showed good finishing skills. Constantin was very effective in defence and particularly with his clearing headers. Alf and Willow made their first appearances of the season in defence and impressed with their tackling and simple passing. Oliver and Andrew linked up well in attack and got one goal each. Isaac scored the third goal to make the score 3-1 and his work without the ball was very impressive against some skilful Bel Royal players.

Bel Royal B Team 1 - 2 St. George's Prep B Team 

The B Team picked up their first victory of the season, showing that the hard work they have been putting in is starting to pay off. The children have improved their positional awareness and looked well organised. Alexander scored direct from a corner to put the B team 1-0 up before half time. At the start of the second half, Amelie scored a very nice goal into the bottom left corner of the goal. She played with confidence in the second half, battling for every ball and dribbling past her marker when she got the chance. Bel Royal scored a penalty in the final minute of the match as the B Team held on to win by one goal.

Well done to everyone who took part, we're proud of all of you!