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School Closure


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Following the decision from the Education Minister and guidance for private schools and early years settings, St. George’s and Little Dragons Nursery will be closing as of Monday 23rd March. The closures are designed to support efforts to contain the spread of Covid-19. The Minister’s decision to close Schools and Colleges has been made in direct consultation with the Deputy Chief Medical Office of Health and is fully supported by the Emergencies Council.

The last day for our pupils will be this Friday 20th March, when School will close at the normal time in line with the majority of Schools in the island. At present, the closure is for two weeks leading up to the Easter holidays, meaning the earliest estimated return date for our pupils is Tuesday 21st April.

The Government of Jersey will continue review the situation, and determine if further closures are needed based on health-led advice. We will continue to follow this advice and will update you accordingly. We also advise that you follow the relevant page:<> and the Government’s social channels.


Supported Learning from Home

Details on supported learning are included in the email circulated to all parents earlier today (18th March 2020). Further updates on developments with supported learning will follow shortly.


Throughout the closure, St. George’s will remain open to staff, and you will be able to contact us through the normal channels. Please email the School Office on <> or call 481593 in the first instance.


Guidance on Social Distancing

The Government are urging families to support their children to practice social distancing to help avoid the spread of Covid-19 which includes restrictions on play dates, parties and all out-of-school activities and gatherings. The advice will be published on shortly.


Childcare for Essential Workers

We understand that the Government are working to see if they can organise childcare for some essential workers which may affect some of our parents.


You may also find this information useful, as circulated by the Government of Jersey: ‘Guidance for parents and carers about Coronavirus’: <>.


Over the coming days we will be in contact with further updates.


Yours faithfully,


Cormac Timothy