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Performances to be proud of for B and C Netball Teams


Performances to be proud of for B and C Netball Teams Image

B Team Netball Tournament – Les Ormes

Friday 22nd March 2019


Mrs Morgan and Mrs Dingle took 17 very excited children, making up our ‘B’ and ‘C’ teams to the Les Ormes netball courts for the Primary Schools ‘B’ team Tournament.

Our ‘B’ team comprised of 7 players who have been playing together for most of the Spring term.  The ‘C’ team was a newly formed team comprising of mainly Year 4 children. 

The teams were all in the same section of the tournament and were to play against 7 other teams in games of 4 minutes each way.

Mrs Dingle worked with the B team who have been going from strength to strength over the term.  They have worked hard on their basic skills during sessions and their growing confidence meant they were well prepared for the tournament. 

Fatima worked very well in the D, moving confidently into space; dodging to get free and converted many goals during the morning.  Working with her were India and Willow, who combined well with Aoife, driving into the shooting area.  There was some lovely attacking play with the Aoife, Willow and India attacking unit.  Frankie played consistently, moving well to lose her defender in the D.

Mia made great decisions with her back-line passes, throwing with a strong arm and then driving into space for the next ball.  Dawson kept tight to his players all round the court, making it hard for them to attack consistently. 

Mrs Dingle was thrilled to see them play with such confidence and their results are a good reflection on how well they worked as a team.  They achieved 4 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses in all.

The results are the B team matches were as follows:


St. George’s B: 6 – Beaulieu C: 0 win

St. George’s B: 2 – Beaulieu B: 2 draw

St. George’s B: 1 – St. Michael’s B: 3 loss

St. George’s B: 2 – JCP B: 3 loss

St. George’s B: 3 – St. George’s C: 0 win

St. George’s B: 3 – FCJ B: 1 win

St. George’s B: 5 – St. Michael’s C: 1 win


Mrs Morgan worked with the C team which comprised of mainly Year 4 players, with one Year 5 and one Year 6.  The shooting duo who worked very well together were Hannah and Amelia.  The biggest challenge for our girls in the D was their lack of height when working against taller players from the other teams, many of which were Year 6 players.  Often, they managed to work the ball into the D quickly with the fast movement of Esme and Anna, but then they would lose the ball to a tall defender as it was passed into the shooting circle.  They managed to score in three games against FCJ ‘B’, Beaulieu ‘C’ and JCP ‘B’. 

Esme worked tirelessly, nimbly dodging her players and her passing developed in strength with each new game.  She combined well with Amelia, passing confidently down the court towards our attacking end.  Anna and Issy shared their position and learnt quickly that they had to change direction and come in front of their tall opposite players if they were to have any chance of getting the ball. 

In defence, Mrs Morgan was able to rotate our players after each half.  Amelie and Arabella shared their position, working hard to mark their players and provide a link-up the court when we gained an interception or rebound off the ring.  Victoria and Amy stuck tightly with their opposite players, trying to prevent them from having easy movement into the D. De’Ary gained many interceptions in the shooting circle giving us valuable possession. 

Mrs Morgan was very happy with the performance of her C team.  The scores were not important.  The girls all learned a huge amount from playing in a big tournament.  After speaking with them and asking them what they had learned from their experience, every girl could reply with a reflective and positive answer, such as: ‘I know why I needed to stand sideways on to mark;’ ‘I must change direction more;’ ‘I must come in front of my player;’ etc, etc.

The results of the C team matches were as follows:

St. George’s C: 1 – FCJ B: 2 loss

St. George’s C: 1 – Beaulieu C: 2 loss

St. George;s C: 0 – St. Michael’s C: 4 loss

St. George’s C: 0 – St. Michael’s B: 9 loss

St. George’s C: 0 – St. George’s B: 3 loss

St. George’s C: 1 – JCP B: 7 loss

St. George’s C: 0 – Beaulieu B: 6 loss


There were no playoffs in this tournament so after the games the presentations were made.  The B team had done especially well, coming 3rd in the tournament and the C team were 8th.  The tournament was such a valuable experience for our young B and C team players.  It will prepare them well for the new netball season which starts again in September 2019.



The teams were as follows:

B Team                                   C Team

Fatima                                     Hannah

Frankie                                     Amelia

India                                        Esme

Willow                                      Anna

Aoife                                        Amelie

Mia                                          Arabella

Dawson                                    Amy





Netball Coaches

Mrs Natacha Morgan Pasquali

Mrs Dingle