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Our Little Dragons Nursery Pupils are Bridging the Generation Gap!


Our Little Dragons Nursery Pupils are Bridging the Generation Gap! Image

Nursery pupils from our Little Dragons Nursery have incorporated a very special trip into their weekly schedule by visiting the residents of a local care home, and it’s proving extremely popular with everyone taking part. Inspired by the Channel 4 documentary ‘Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds’, nursery children between the ages of three and four are visiting residents at La Haule Care Home in St. Brelade on Friday afternoons.

The sessions have been organised by Head of Early Years at St. George’s, Jo Wrigley, who has this to say about the initiative:

‘Our weekly visits to La Haule are proving extremely popular with our young pupils who really enjoy talking to, and playing games with, the residents. Having spent time looking into similar schemes, we were hopeful that our young pupils would benefit from spending time with the older generation, but it’s fair to say that the impact of the visits has exceeded our expectations. We’re finding that the generations communicate with ease and the relaxed environment allows the children to naturally develop their language and empathy. For some of our pupils who don’t have older members of their family on-island, it’s a valuable opportunity to interact with a generation that has so much to offer, not least their knowledge, experience and patience!’

The initiative has also been extremely well received by the residents.  Manager of La Haule, Pauline Safe, has this to say:

‘Our residents were extremely enthusiastic about welcoming the children from St. George’s, and they have not been disappointed.  They look forward to the visits each week and engage with the children in games and sing-alongs. There’s nothing like spending time with the young to keep you ‘young at heart’, and as much as we see the children flourishing from the sessions, we also find that our residents gain a lot from them too. They are very at ease with one another, and chatting away, reading and singing are all excellent activities to keep the brain active. It’s really very special to see the interaction and to watch some lovely bonds forming. We’re even finding that residents who were previously unsure about taking part are joining in as the weeks go on. We look forward to continuing the sessions and to watching the children and residents continue to flourish.’

The visits have proved such a hit with all those taking part that they have been formally adopted as part of the curriculum at the school.

The Jersey Evening Post and Bailiwick Express came along to experience the afternoon, so do look out for coverage of us in the local media. 

Update: You can see a lovely video of one of our visits here.