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Olympic Long Jump hopeful Ezekiel Ewulo inspires future St. George’s Sporting Stars


Olympic Long Jump hopeful Ezekiel Ewulo inspires future St. George’s Sporting Stars Image

On Thursday 6th December, professional long jump athlete Ezekiel Ewulo visited us here at St. George’s Preparatory School to provide some serious sporting inspiration. As part of a tour spanning the UK and now Jersey, Ezekiel will be visiting schools and community groups to inspire as many children as possible to lead a healthy lifestyle and find a sport they love. The tour will also help to shine a light on Ezekiel’s own journey to professional competitions and help him to meet new fans and supporters.

During the afternoon of the 6th, Ezekiel, who represents Nigeria in his sport, addressed the whole school with stories about some of the lessons he’s learned in his career so far, including how he coped when an injury curtailed his original plans to become a professional footballer, and how he subsequently discovered and nurtured his talent for long jump.  He then demonstrated his skills on St. George’s own long jump pit, coaching pupils on how to improve their own technique.

An initiative facilitated by Sports for Champions and arranged by St. George’s Preparatory School’s Head of Sport, Alex Pemberton, it is part of the school’s ongoing strategy to encourage its pupils to develop health habits for life.  Mr Pemberton has this to say ahead of Ezekiel’s visit:

‘We’re delighted to have welcomed an Olympic hopeful to St. George’s and the pupils were thrilled to hear about his journey so far and what it takes to become a professional athlete.  They are especially delighted to have had the chance to train with him and pick up some tips.  We take sport very seriously here at St. George’s and pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of sporting opportunities to our pupils, making sport, exercise and healthy living a part of every day life.  It was a very special afternoon of inspiration and we'd like to say a big thank you to Ezekiel for being so generous with his time.'

The visit was covered by the Jersey Evening Post on Saturday 8th December, and Dave Ferguson of the JEP took the image above.