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Kindness Day 2021


Kindness Day 2021 Image

St. George’s pupils were very excited to celebrate the school’s inaugural ‘Kindness Day’ on Thursday 29th April 2021. As one of the four core school values (alongside Resilience, Achievement and Responsibility) Kindness is at the heart of the St. George’s ethos. Whilst kindness is always apparent, this special, dedicated day saw pupils from Nursery to Form VI spending their time completing fun and challenging activities designed by Form VI pupils to enc

With year groups unable to physically spend time with each other due to the bubble system, the day provided an invaluable opportunity for the oldest pupils in the school to reach out to their younger counterparts by providing the instructions and resources for the day. These brilliant ‘Kindness Packs’ are full of activities appropriate to each year group that not only help to develop essential academic skills, but also focus the mind on exploring ways to show kindness in everything we do.

Activities included:

  • ‘Kindness Charades’ where pupils select the name of a classmate at random and describe them with compliments for others to guess the pupil
  • ‘Kindness Wordsearches’ created by Form VIs where pupils need to find the kind words hidden in the grid
  • ‘Compliment Code’ maths activity where pupils solve maths problems to identify who created the challenge
  • ‘Compliment Flowers’ for pupils to fill with compliments and gift to their friends
  • ‘Heart Template’ bunting for nursery pupils to decorate
  • ‘Kindness for Parents’ activity where pupils think about kind things they can do at home for their family
  • ‘What I like about myself’ activity, where children think about all the fantastic things about themselves and everything good that they bring to the world and people around them

Form VI pupils thought of everything and have given Form Tutors a day off from scheduling with their fully planned activity timetables and resources. Each form began the day by listening to a specially prepared ‘Kindness Radio’ broadcast recorded by Form VI explaining the day ahead. There was even an instructional video for each activity. The events extended beyond the classroom too, with physical games designed to compliment sports lessons and forest school sessions.

It has meant a great deal to our eldest pupils to be able to reach out across the school and provide some of the inspiration and mentorship they would normally be able to give in person. Aine, Head Girl and Form VI pupil, explains:  

“We’ve missed seeing and playing with the younger pupils for the past year so much, though we understand that we can’t because of the Covid rules. Being able to create these kindness packs has been a special way to reach out to other year groups and show them that we care and we are thinking about them. They can hear us on ‘Kindness Radio’ and see us on the ‘how to’ videos and know that we’re here for them. We hope that the activities helped everyone to think of new ways to show kindness, not only to their classmates but to themselves. It’s so important that we’re kind and it’s a very important part of being at this school.” 

Head Teacher, Cormac Timothy, has this to say:

“We are so proud of our Form VIs. They have taken this task and run with it, researching and creating the activities with pride and purpose. They embody the value of Kindness and are a shining example of this trait which we hold so dear at St. George’s. They even thought of activities that extend way beyond the classroom and indeed the school walls, encouraging children to show kindness at home to their families and in the community in the way they behave towards others. It’s been thought provoking and inspiring to watch them bring this inaugural Kindness Day to life and I have no doubt it will have a profound impact on every pupil and teacher in the school for some time to come.”

All activities were planned, created and distributed in a Covid-safe manner.