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Infant Sports Day


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On Thursday 15th June the soft toys came out for their annual outing as team mascots for Infant sports day. All the children from Little Dragons Orange Nursery up to Year II enjoyed an afternoon of 10 different activities in their teams. Each team was ably lead by a pupil from Year VI, who also kept the team’s score at each station. Other members of Year VI and form VM helped to run the different activities.  

All the children worked enthusiastically at all the stations and were encouraged and supported by their parents. At the end of the afternoon the winning team was the Rabbits, team leader Felix O’Connor and his team of Mitchell and Megan Jerrard, Milo Leach, Agnes and Esmé O’Connor, William Farley, Alexanda Wilbourne, Mark Edmond, Tallulah Durbano, Alexander Parker, and Anjalina Puri scoring 952 points. In second place were the Frogs with 929 and in third place the Monkeys 940 points.

The afternoon finished with a fun parents relay race which the children watched whilst enjoying an ice lolly. Mrs Wrigley presented the winning team with a silver salver and thanked everyone for coming and all the staff and children from Year VI and VM for their help in making the afternoon a success.