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Infant Sports Day 2019


Infant Sports Day 2019 Image

Some sunshine and a light breeze provided the perfect conditions for our Infant Sports afternoon, which consisted of ten different activities. The teams were made up of children from different age groups and the activities were differentiated to allow challenge and inclusion for all.

The activity stations were designed to help showcase the learning the children undertook during their PE lessons this year. The event was enjoyed by all, every child experienced success and parents got the chance to see how competent their child is in a variety of skills.

The skills demonstrated included:

Running speed, throwing accuracy, throwing for distance, catching consistency, striking with power, racquet control, Fundamental movement skills (hopping, jumping, running, skipping), kicking power and accuracy, netball shooting, movement control using apparatus.

The snakes, octopus’, monkeys, donkeys, pelicans, gorillas, lions, zebras, ducks and squirrels were all eager to take part in the ten different activities laid out on the field.  Each team spent four minutes working on an activity, trying to score as many points for their team as possible. The team leaders were pupils from Year VI who helped guide the children between activities and encouraged them to try their best. After the children had run, jumped, hopped, skipped, hit, kicked and aimed their way around the field, the final scores were added up and the winners were the zebras with 675, followed by the Red Octopus’ with 666 and then the red, white and blue lions with 657 points.

There were some fantastic skills on show, but the smiles on the children’s faces was the most pleasing aspect of the event.