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Infant Sports Day 2016


Infant Sports Day 2016 Image

Glorious sunshine and a light breeze provided the perfect conditions for the infant sports afternoon. Ten teams of excited children from Little Dragons Orange Nursery to Form II paraded out onto the field, proudly wearing their team ribbons and carrying a team mascot. The kangaroos, monkeys, frogs, puffins, tigers, giraffes, rabbits, dinosaurs, puppies and teddies were all eager to take part in the ten different activities laid out on the field. Each team spent four minutes working on an activity, trying to score as many points for their team as possible. The team leaders were pupils from Form VI as well as members of Form V who helped to run the different stations. After the children had run, jumped, hopped, skipped, kicked and aimed their way around the field, the final scores were added up and the winners were the Teddies with 681 points followed by the Puppies 631 and then the Dinosaurs 617 points.

The children enjoyed watching their parents take part in a fun relay race and then Mr Moore presented stickers to everyone and a silver salver to the winning Teddies team of Liberty Parris, Theo Stirrup, Jasmine Horsley, Esme Williams, Felix Holvey- Clark, Lucy Wynn, Victoria Pinel, Francesca and India Chatterley and their Form VI team leader Isabel Wrigley.

Afterwards parents enjoyed a cup of tea on the lawn whilst their children enjoyed a well-deserved ice lolly in their classrooms.