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Infant Sports Day (1)


Infant Sports Day (1) Image

A beautiful May day greeted the children from Little Dragons Orange Nursery to Year II for their annual sports day. Over 100 children, divided into ten teams, proudly wearing their team ribbons and carrying their mascots paraded onto the field to take part in ten different activities. The children’s teams were lead around the activities by Year VI pupils, who also kept scores for each activity. The children ran, jumped, hurdled, scored goals, knocked down cones, aimed bean bags and balls into buckets, and they completed an obstacle course. All the children enjoyed participating and they all put in one hundred per cent effort, encouraged on the side lines by their parents.

The winning team was The Giraffes lead by head boy Johnny Wright and the following members of the team were Xander and Evan Osmand, Posie and Autumn Carro, Edward Dann, Michael Brocken, Ruby Barrow, Naiya Simpson-Davies, Gus Weber, Tallulah Durbano and Theo Kibblewhite.

All the children received stickers and the parents enjoyed a cup of tea on the lawn before taking home their tired children. Another Infant Sports Day completed and the last one to be organised by Mrs Le Neveu as she heads to retirement.