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French Visit Diary Entry


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The morning I woke up to go to France I was filled with excitement because I didn’t know what to expect. The only thing I was sure of was that I would have a good time! My mum dropped me off at school and we got in the school bus and drove to the harbour. Me and Issy listened to ‘She looked so Perfect’ by 5 seconds of Summer’ 22 times and that was just on the bus, you don’t even want to know how many times we listened to it on the 1 hour and 30 min boat ride!

When we arrived, we were shown to the lunch hall to, yes you guessed it, eat lunch! After our meal we took photos to send to the school to say that we had arrived safely at La Grande Ferme and had some free time where we played ping pong in the barn as well as netball and foosball!

We made bread in pairs and made them into animals, mine was a worm! Soon after, we were shown to our dorms, I, along with Isla, Daisy, Zenab, Erin and Katie were in the Guinea Pigs! We unpacked and went to have dinner. Afterwards, we got into groups and played really strange games in French! Afterwards, we were getting ready for bed, the fire alarm went off but Seth was taking a shower and still had shampoo in his hair and had to put some shorts on. However when he got down he found that Lily was in the same position as he was but she was in a towel and didn’t have the decency to put anything else on! We were all really tired after that and went to bed, well, most of us went to bed!

Throughout the rest of the week we did awesome activities like kayaking, circus training, walking along sinking sand to Mont Saint Michel, volleyball, swimming and water polo!

When we went to Mont Saint Michel, we made waterbeds in the sinking sand by jumping up and down in a huddle.

Now we get to the worst part of the trip… Eating snails! I was terrified but realised it was actually not that bad!

On every single trip we had, we would sing to ‘Shut up and Dance’ which was really fun.

One of my favourite trips was the Goat farm when he asked for volunteers. I was the doctor and had to feel the goat’s stomach and I could feel the baby! I thought that I had a bad job until Louise had an even worse one! It started off with her having to milk the goat but then the man told her to open her mouth and he squirted the milk right from the udder and into her mouth, we recorded the whole thing!

The market was fun because we had to choose what we put in our sandwich. We ate it in the park at the beach before going blow karting! Me and Lily were in a double blow kart and we went so fast that we couldn’t turn the corner and we stopped because I let go of the rope and it flung out of its hole! We thought we had broken it but the man didn’t know what we were saying so he gave us a push and the blow kart went out of control, thankfully I fixed half way through! We stopped again at another turning and when Mr Moore came to help, we accidentally ran over his toe!

On Thursday we went Kayaking and we did circus training which included juggling, plate spinning and diablo!

That night we did the talent show. Isla and I did a mind reading act and at the end Issy and Katie made us do pretty much the opposite of limbo because you had to jump over the pole.

The last day was sad but really fun because we went to the zoo where we saw so many cool animals like giraffes and zebras. Afterwards, we watched a bird show and a horse and hound show! We went to the gift shop and then made our way to the harbour and arrived home where we were greeted by our parents.

That was one week that we had waited six years for, gone in the blink of an eye.