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Form VI French Trip


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What a pleasure it was to spend a whole week with the Form VIs!  A wonderful time was had by all. La Grande Ferme in Avranches is a fantastic facility with delicious food, comfortable accommodation, its own swimming pool and even some mini furry friends to play with.  The children were given all their instructions and explanations in French.  They also worked hard to ask for things themselves, particularly at meal times.  

Our activities were wide ranging and exciting.  From making bread to sand karting, visiting the Abbey of Mont St Michel to commemorating D day at Arromanches.  The children were engaged and enthusiastic throughout.  There was no time to be tired - even though we really all should have been with the amount we crammed in!

A highlight for myself and many of the children was being on the D day landing beaches on D day itself.  This was an unexpected addition to the timetable as it was too windy to canoe!  Thank you, wind.  The 360 degree cinema in Arromanches filled the children with awe and fascination.  Driving via the British War Cemetery and counting the number of graves produced a thoughtful and respectful minute's silence initiated by Jonny.  

The goat farm produced many a laugh.  Apparently Annabelle's hair is just as delicious as hay. Phoebe leapt into action to catch one goat's milk as it was spurted through the air. Other children acted as vets, farmers and milkers. 

Jumping around on the sand at Mont St Michel was great fun.  Our guide asked us to do a little dance and suddenly the sand became very watery and some of our number started to sink!  A very nice little mud bath / exfoliation for the legs.

Our trip to Dinan market was exciting.  The children were given a budget and had to choose and purchase (in French of course) suitable food for their picnic.  Plenty of negotiating went on in each group over what they should buy - "le poulet roti" seemed to be the most popular.  This was followed by a little time to make their own purchases.  One or two were caught out by the shimmer and shine of a watches that only lasted half an hour after purchase!

Our last day entailed a trip to a really beautiful zoo set in the grounds of an old chateau. We saw all sorts of animals you wouldn't expect to see at a chateau - lions, giraffes, tigers and zebras to name a few.  No hair eating disasters here, fortunately.

I assume the Form VIs spent most of the weekend asleep and recovering from all the excitement.  It might take me a bit longer.... but I'm already looking forward to next year's trip -  La Grande Ferme are even building a tennis court in preparation!