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Form V French Penpals Visit


Form V French Penpals Visit Image

For the first activity, the children tried to explain to each other what was so British / French about different pictures.  The chatting began and a wonderful mix of French and English was used to describe the purpose of the pictures. However, the picture showing the English in a long queue seemed to stump most of them!  

As well as creating portraits of each other and completing an obstacle course, our children also had the opportunity to experience a French lesson from the partner school's teacher.  During this session, the children were able to sample some French delicacies and to practise using Euros in a shop.  Our partner school being from Le Mans, there was also a certain amount of talk about car racing!

A picnic on the lawn and a spot of football finished the morning off.  By now the children were very happy with their new friends and there were lots of hugs and even one or two tears when the bus pulled away at 2pm!  

The day was a wonderful experience for all involved.  The children had a good go at using their French and they made their teachers very proud.  Now we think we might make them a short video to tell them how much we miss them!