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Form V at St Aubin’s Fort 2016


Form V at St Aubin’s Fort 2016 Image

The children had a great time participating in a range of activities, including a water sports day and activities on the surrounding beaches and on the fort itself.  The children were able to sail in small groups in fun boats, paddle the big Bell boat to Portelet and all have a go at driving the RIB.

A large amount of shells and some sea glass and other objects were collected to produce art work with Mrs Jones on their return to school which will be shown during their assembly about the trip on 28th June. The children also played some new beach games including football rounders and splat. They improved their photography skills and learned that even a digital camera has a limit as to how many selfies you can take!

The children would like to say a big thank you to all the staff that made their trip possible: Mr Moon, Ms Morris, Mrs Gibson, Mrs Fidrmuc, Mr Pemberton and Mr Timothy.