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Form IVH Visit to Crabbé


Form IVH Visit to Crabbé Image

Under a few ominous looking dark clouds, Form IVH arrived at Crabbé. After a quick tour of the fantastic new base, the children settled themselves into their dorms. The girls made the space feel homely and cosy in no time, with shoes neatly stacked and teddies carefully placed. The boys threw in their belongings and ran outside to make the most of the exciting surroundings! Well, who could blame them? With seemingly endless open spaces in which to run and countless secret places to make 'dens' there was no time to lose!

Fun team games on the top field began our activities. Passing the ball over and under to each team member; moving with the ball between our legs and trying to get from one end of the field to the other using only cones was great fun!

After some free time, a whistle signalled the next activity - observational drawings. The drizzle didn't stop the search for interesting objects to sketch.

Following a mountain of sandwiches for lunch, the sun came out just in time for our walk down to Greve de Lecq. Dam building, sandcastle making and games of football and volleyball on the beach were the order of the day. An ice cream finished off our afternoon beautifully and we wearily made our way back up the hill to prepare for our barbeque. The rain returned but Mr Pemberton braved the elements to cook our sausages, burgers and chicken legs. Mr Moore paid us a visit just in time to enjoy a burger in a bun! 'Jersey's Got Talent' followed with acts that would make Simon Cowell proud! We had singing, dancing, a magic act and a gymnastic performance to name but a few. The rain stopped in time for us to light the campfire around which we toasted marshmallows and sang songs. Back at the base and in our pyjamas we enjoyed hot chocolate before bed.

After not much sleep, the children emerged from their dorms eager for breakfast. With tummies full of cereal, toast and fruit juice, it was time to start the first activity of the day. Teams raced to be the first to collect all the items on the list for the scavenger hunt. Shelter building was next and proved useful as the rain came down! The children had to come up with a design that would keep their team dry when water was poured on top. Some were successful, others not so!

Throughout the trip each child took a turn to help prepare or clear up from meals, as well as help to clean and tidy the base. A particular favourite task was making the sandwiches on the second day!

All too soon it was time to pack up and head back to school. We arrived at St George's with happy, tired children bursting to share their experiences and memories with their waiting parents. Thank you Form IVH, you were a pleasure to take away and have left us with many lasting memories.