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Form IV’s visit the Wetland Centre


Form IV’s visit the Wetland Centre Image

To support their work in science, Form IV visited the Wetland Centre in St Ouen. During their visit, the children had the opportunity to view the wetland reserve and its wildlife using binoculars. They used an interactive multimedia touchscreen which displayed the wildlife of the area and also gave them the chance to learn the calls of some of the birds that are commonly sighted in the reserve. The children particularly enjoyed navigating a high-definition camera around the reed bed in real time using a joystick.

One of the children’s tasks was to see how many of the reserve's inhabitants they could tick off their list. The majestic Marsh Harrier was spotted but the Bittern remained elusive!

A German personnel shelter constructed during WWII provided space for a classroom. Here the children did some classification work. This is something that will be continued in their science lessons in school.