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Family Netball Event 2019


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Family Netball Event

Saturday 30th March 2019

Report by Natacha Morgan Pasquali

A wonderful morning of netball was had by both children and parents alike.  Mrs Morgan let everyone relax and get used to some passing and shooting in their family groups whilst everyone who had signed up arrived. 

Knowing how important it is to warm up, especially with very keen adults, Mrs Morgan set up some fun netball games with a little bit of cardio thrown in. Children and parents raced to get their ball to the back of the line followed by a short sprint, to be repeated again with each new leader. The lungs were certainly working after that warm up!  Another favourite passing practice of our girls is the ‘Duck or lose your head’ practice where your team are lined up in front of you and as you pass to each individual, they have to duck down as you throw to the person behind.  This, as you can imagine can be lots of fun, especially for those teams who don’t have accurate throwers.  Not a problem for the parents who certainly seemed to master this one and were ready for the next practice, which was a wall drill, where the team passes strongly against the wall for the next player to run onto. They then pass at the wall for the next person and so on. One of our parent teams was especially good at this and Mrs Morgan even used them in a demonstration of good technique. Well done parents!

Everyone was thoroughly warmed up after these practices and ready to play netball.  Mrs Morgan divided the teams according to their positions, with shooters, defenders and one centre court player.  With only 10 players for the adults, they were to play the ‘High Five’ version of netball, with players GS, GA, C, GD and GK. With fewer players on the court it meant that GS and GK get to run around in two thirds, unlike the 7-aside game where they are restricted to one third. The children played a 6-aside game, without the WD positions. This meant that the WA players were opposite each other and could move in three areas, much like Centres. 

The children played for 10 mins, followed by the adults, who also played for 10 mins.  The children were made up of children from Year III to Year VI, which was lovely to see, with everyone combining well and supporting each other, no matter what the age or ability. 

The parents as you would expect were very competitive and with three men on the Purple team (not Mrs Morgan’s plan – it just turned out that way with positions), they gave the opposition lots to work for.  Sophie’s mum and Hannah and Amy’s mum were GD and GK for the Green’s, working hard battling against the super quick feeds and the height of Hailey and Esmē’s dad.  Arabella’s dad (Purple Centre) moved nimbly around the court, chasing down Willow’s mum (Green Centre).   

After a few obstructions and contacts called by Mrs Morgan, the parents learned the rules quickly and worked out what not to do during the game!  In attack for the Green team and working with Willow’s mum was Arabella’s mum at GA and De’Ary’s mum at GS.  There was some quick movement in the D and some sharp shooting from De’Ary’s mum which put the Greens in front 2-1 after the first 10 mins.  In the second 10 mins after a break watching the children and an obvious talk on tactics, the Purple team came out firing on all cylinders and scored 3 goals quickly to lead 4-3.  In the last 10 mins, the Greens had it all to play for, but with some outstanding interceptions from Victoria’s mum (Purple GD) and some good back up play by Amelia’s mum (GK), the Purples managed to edge ahead breaking the Green’s centre pass and won the match 6-4.  It was a fair result for a fantastic game. 

The children played equally well in their 10-minute sections, with Burgundy maintaining their lead throughout the match, winning 8-6 against Blue.

After the games, as per tradition, the team captains gave three cheers to the opposition and then went on to choose their players of the match from the opposite teams. 

The players of the match in the children’s games were Amelia (GA), Sophie (GS) and De’Ary (GK).

The players of the match in the parents’ game were Mrs Pinel (GD), Ms Carro (c) and Mr Lisik (GA).


Many thanks to everyone who came along.  It was a great deal of fun and we hope to repeat it another time.  I am sure some of the parents will be up for a re-match.


Year 3                          Mums and Dads

Autumn                        Ms Carro

                                   Mrs Thomas

Year 4                         Mrs Pinel

Hannah                        Mrs Weber

Amelia                         Mrs Lathwell

Arabella                       Mr Lathwell

Victoria                        Mr O’Connor

Esme                           Mrs Lisik

                                   Mrs Douglas

Year 5                         Mrs White



Year 6