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Breaking records at the 2019 Swimarathon


Breaking records at the 2019 Swimarathon Image

Lions Swimarathon 2019 Report

By Natacha Morgan Pasquali, Swimming Teacher


On Sunday 9th March, 54 swimmers from St. George's put in a fantastic performance in the 2019 Lions Swimarathon- with two teachers, an older brother and a parent thrown in for good measure! Once again, we filled all eight lanes of the Les Quennevais pool. In total, the school managed to complete 438 laps (one lap equating to two lengths). 

After 55 minutes of very fast and competitive swimming the ‘St. George’s Great Whites’ team, consisting of speedy Form VI children in Lane 8, and led by Mr Ruelle and Mr Moss, managed to top the scoreboard with a fantastic total of 65 laps, breaking the school record of 63 which had been made in 2018 by ‘The Rocking Rays’. Not far behind them were the Form VI girls’ team in Lane 6, the ‘Terrific Turtles,’ led by competitive Mr Lisik. They levelled with the Great Whites for most of the 55 minutes and they too broke the 2018 record, scoring a very commendable 64 laps. Well done to both teams!

In Lane 1 and 2 the Form IV’s battled it out side by side. ‘The Sensational Swimmers’ in Lane 1 had Fox the birthday boy in their team. After a joyous ‘Happy Birthday’ sing song by everyone present, Fox was keen to get into the water to do his lap! Mrs Milner kept them all in good spirits between laps, dancing to the music and encouraging all to do the same.

Lane 2 had a very competitive Mrs White leading them.  She kept a close eye on the scoreboard most of the time; luckily her young team members were vigilant, especially when the scorer at the other end forgot to award them a lap! Mrs Morgan soon sorted that out. There was only one lap in it between Lane 1 who scored 46 and Lane 2 who scored 47. Well done teams.

Lane 3 was a combination of Form IV and V children. A particularly fast bunch of girls ably led by Mrs Jude. With five Form IV girls and three Form V girls, they managed to challenge the Form V’s in Lane 4, equalling their final lap score of 56 laps.  Great result!

Lane 5 was made up of Form V boys, ‘The Raptors,’ led by Mr. Kibblewhite, who was ready to swim when required!  The team started well, sprinting out their early lengths and completed a very respectable 51 laps. 

In Lane 7 teacher Mrs. Gibson supported her team who unfortunately were down to 5 swimmers. They didn’t let this stop them and swam very well, completing a commendable 53 laps.

Of course, Mr. Timothy, although not swimming, did find his way onto poolside to congratulate all swimmers. He was in great spirit and applauded everyone for their efforts in the pool.

For the whole of our 55-minute slot everyone had great fun. The atmosphere was brilliant, and all the children clearly loved the event. 

We had 3 Form III’s, 18 Form IV’s, 16 Form V’s and 17 Form VI’s swimming...with an older Year 8 brother, two teachers and a very competitive parent who all tried their best! Well done – a fantastic school effort, once again!

Well done to all the swimmers, thank you to the team captains for supporting and motivating your teams and thank you all for collecting so much money.  Our final total was £1662.00.

Here are the team totals:

Lane 1 - Sensational Swimmers                      46

Lane 2 - Team Rubber Duckies                       47

Lane 3 - The Sea Dragons                              56

Lane 4 - Supersonic Salmons                         56       

Lane 5 - The Raptors                                      51

Lane 6 -  Terrific Turtles                                 64 Beat the old record too!    

Lane 7 -  Fast Fishies                                     53

Lane 8 -  St. George’s Great Whites                65 New Record


Total St. George’s laps                                   438 laps