We choose to follow the Jersey Curriculum, which is based on the UK National Curriculum, to provide us with a comprehensive framework upon which to build.  The freedom to augment, adapt and expand this curriculum, coupled with our small classes, use of specialist teachers and longer working days, helps to create the very best learning environment for our pupils and ensures they make the maximum progress, whether in the classroom, on the sports field or on the stage.

Such a tailor-made programme allows us to focus on each child as well as on the different expectations held by the many senior schools who welcome our pupils both at the Island colleges and mainland public schools. 

Our excellent record of transfer testifies to the success of our unique set up.  Importantly, we believe it is a set up that presents our pupils with a wider range of opportunities than those enjoyed by any other primary pupil in Jersey and promotes a balanced and well rounded outlook.

The links below give a summary of the curriculum available to our boys and girls.  It is by no means exhaustive and, at best, can give only a glimpse of the busy academic life all children enjoy at St George's.

Please read below to see full curriculum details

  • English


    Our aim is to kindle in our children a love of and feeling for language and literature.  Daily lessons see the formal teaching of core skills such as handwriting, spelling and grammar.  We hope to put our children on the road to being able to express themselves both orally and in writing with confidence, clarity and with originality of thought and word.  This is a process that starts in Nursery where pre-literacy skills and phonic work provide the foundation upon which all else is built. 

  • Mathematics


  • Science


  • Sport


    St. George’s aim is to offer a wide variety of activities through which our boys and girls can progressively develop co-ordination and agility.  We believe that a competitive spirit in a child is desirable but so too is good sportsmanship and specialist teachers are responsible for the children's physical education.

    The School makes full use of its extensive playing fields, woodland cross country courses, its own indoor heated swimming pool and state of the art Sports Hall.  Children from Nursery upwards enjoy weekly swimming lessons with a highly experienced specialist coach.  A wide range of team and individual sports are on offer including rugby, netball, football, hockey, cross country, athletics, cricket, rounder and swimming. Kwick cricket, golf, archery and fencing are all covered in our extensive extra-curricular sports programme.  We are very proud of our excellent record of achievement in sport and of our pupils, many of whom go on to represent Jersey in various disciplines.

  • Music


    Music is central to our School and our music department, housed in the charming columbiere and stable block is vibrant and dynamic.  All children, starting in Nursery enjoy singing and playing a variety of tuned and percussion instruments some of which are available from our lending library. 

    We have specialist teachers offering individual tuition on a wide variety of musical instruments and children can be entered for ABRSM and Rockschool exams at the school.

    These lessons mostly take place during the school day, but care is taken to ensure the same lesson is not missed every week.

    All children have the opportunity to perform before audiences big and small on stage at the Arts Centre, in the Eisteddfod at the Opera House, entertaining residents in local residential homes or before mums and dads at Nativity and Carol Services and class assemblies. 

    Senior Choir

    Senior Choir is made up of our older Prep school children, from Form IV and is open to anyone who enjoys singing and performing.

    The Choir is regularly asked to sing at community events in the local area, including Jersey Hospice and local residential homes. They also perform at Harvest and Easter assemblies, as well as the Christmas Carol Service at St Peter’s Church.

    Junior Choir

    Junior Choir involves children from Form II and Form III and is for those who like to have fun singing, and build their confidence as performers. They perform regularly in school during assemblies as well as the Christmas Fair and a part of the Eisteddfod.

    Instrumental groups

    Open to all our budding instrumentalists whatever their ability, our Instrumental Groups perform regularly, developing ensemble and listening skills.

  • Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) Curriculum

    Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) Curriculum

    Dedicated time is given to follow a structured programme that considers the many issues facing our children such as managing relationships, behaviour, health, diets and social issues. Younger children enjoy the intimacy of ‘circle time’ while older classes may include more formal discussion, possibly including a debate, and practical activities such as role play.

  • Design and Technology

    Design and Technology

    Throughout their time at St. George’s, children will design, make and evaluate products whilst learning to use a range of tools and techniques for construction. During Key Stage Two, lessons are taught in a well-equipped Design and Technology room, which includes a Food Technology work area.  Children find out about a healthy diet and prepare simple dishes either during Design and Technology lessons, or as part of our Breakfast Club.​

  • Art


    We provide a broad experience for all our pupils in Art. Children explore a range of different techniques such as drawing, painting and sculpture, and use a variety of materials, from pencil and paint to charcoal and clay, to create their own art pieces. In addition, during Key Stage Two, children work in a well-equipped Art Room. They study the works of great artists, architects and designers from history. We feel it is vital to create a vibrant, exciting environment in school, and so children work together to create imaginative displays - in class groups, Key Stages, or as a whole school during one of our ADA (“All Do Art”) sessions.

  • Forest Adventure Curriculum

    Forest Adventure Curriculum

    St George’s School is set on 35-acres of stunning woodlands which changes with the seasons. 

    Woodland activities enable children from Nursery to Form VI  to spend time outdoors where they can build dens, weave willow, hang dream catchers as well as collect leaves and sticks to make woodland art. They have time to be quiet and reflect on the nature around them and appreciate their environment.  The Forest Adventure Curriculum ensures that children spend each term undertaking a large variety of activities in the woodlands in addition to impromptu afternoon strolls with their teachers. The highlight of their year is undoubtedly their “Jungle Day” when they set up camp in the outdoor classroom and spend the whole day in the woods.

    The woodland, and extensive school grounds, provide the materials for their projects, which are often created for the moment so the building aspect is more important than the end product, allowing children to be creative and imaginative

  • Extra-Curricular


    From Reception, your child has the opportunity to take part in some after-school clubs. These are run by teachers according to their skills and interests.

    Clubs are optional but some of the activities operate as team training or practice sessions and children selected will be expected to attend. These include various sport ‘squad’ sessions, orchestra, choir and play rehearsals. A small charge is made for clubs but not for sports squads, orchestra or choir.


  • Computing